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Welcome to STT's list of papers and presentations made publicly available.  This list will grow and change over time.   We recommend that you check this page periodically to see what has been added.


Text Box: STT believes in sharing experiences through conferences, papers, and public presentations.  
This is another way for STT to give back to the software community.





1. Has the SEI Gone Too Far or Not Far Enough?; a panel discussion at the Tampa SEPG Conference 2008. 

For the audio files of the panel's responses, click on the Question files below.  We suggest you chose Windows Media Play to open the files to hear the panel discussion for the related questions.  Unfortunately the audio for questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 were damaged.  Refer to Has the SEI Gone Too Far or Not Far Enough? to see the preliminary panel presentation and list of questions.

Questions 5, 6, 7, 8

Questions 9, 10, 11 and from floor

2.   Effective Sampling for SCAMPIs; Ron Radice; presented at the Austin SEPG Conference 2007. 

3.   Software Inspections: Key Elements for Success; Ed Weller; presented at Star West Conference October 2006. 

4.   Metrics and Measurements: The Importance of Integrating the Business View SEPG 2006 JTH; John T. Harding; presented at the Nashville SEPG Conference 2006.

5.   Making Enterprise SCAMPI Appraisals Cost Effective Effective SCAMPI; Rosemary Hegde and Ron Radice; presented at the ESEPG Conference, London June 2005.

6.   Results of an Enterprise Appraisal; Ron Radice, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Bill Hefley, Nina Modi, and Alka Chawla; presented at the Seattle SEPG Conference 2005. 

7.   Maximizing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Software Inspections; John T. Harding; presented at the Seattle SEPG Conference 2005. SEPG 2005 JTH

8.   Interpreting SCAMPI for a People CMM Appraisal at Tata Consultancy Services; Ron Radice et al, CMU/SEI-2005-SR-001,

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