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If you require ISO9001 for your software,
start with this course!

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Why Should You Take This Course?

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What Will You Learn?

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This two day course will give you the necessary fundamentals for understanding how to apply the ISO 9001 1994 standard to your software development and maintenance organizations.

The course provides an understanding of the critical elements needed to achieve software process improvement successfully using the ISO 9001 1994 standard. The approach takes a business view and is applicable across industry and government organizations. It is applicable to organizations developing, maintaining, and integrating software. It is particularly designed for personnel who want to learn how to proceed in an orderly way to achieve ISO 9001 registration.

The course can be taken as stand alone training or as a precursor to preparing for ISO 9001 registration.

Each of the 20 clauses in the ISO 9001 1994 standard are addressed in detail. There is a brief exploration of quality objectives and the relationship to ISO 9001. There is an introduction to the requirements of Quality Management Systems, audits, and what needs to be done to obtain registration. Then each clause is discussed in depth from a software perspective addressing necessary procedures and implementation. The risks of not sufficiently addressing the requirements in each clause are explored.

The focus of the course is on the business reasons for using ISO 9001 and the business questions that must be answered when implementing the requirements in each clause.

There is a discussion on the differences between the ISO 9001 approach to quality and other approaches such as the SEI's CMMI and the Baldrige Award.

This course will prepare you to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001 1994 standard and maximize the business value to your organization. Where you choose to go beyond the requirements of the standard, you will understand that this is a choice you make and one not forced on you by the standard.

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Who Should Attend?

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Course Outline:

Day 1:

Day 2:

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Student Materials:

A complete set of the slides used by the instructor in the course and a copy of the book ISO 9001: Interpreted for Software Organizations by Ronald A. Radice.

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