Consulting Services

We believe that for any consulting service to be meaningful to you it must have a positive effective on your business.

Otherwise, why bother?

Therefore, we have put together a suite of consulting services which meet the objective of helping you to have a positive affect on your bottom line.

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Software Technology Transition (STT), in addition to training and workshops, diagnostic services, and methods offers a suite of consulting services.  We at STT believe they are more than the typical consulting services available for software process improvement.  We see our relationship with clients more as a partnership than just as a consulting service provider.  We take pride when our clients succeed in their application of software process improvement. We would have difficulty accepting a client's failure to succeed with software process improvement. 

STT consulting services include the following:

1. ETVX TM Process Definition and Development

If your organizations is ready to define processes (business or software) STT has the capability to help you achieve your objectives quickly.  ETVX TM has been used successfully in many organizations worldwide.  Why not include yours in these successes?

2. Integrated Software Process Improvement:
This service builds upon the course we offer, An Integrated Life-Cycle for Software Process Improvement. We believe you will want to take the course even if we are not involved with you over a longer term for your process improvement Action Plan. After you have the course presented at your location we can work with you to guide you through the process improvement phases.

We can help you avoid some of the traps of software process improvement (SPI) and turn your investment in software process improvement into a pay back to meet your business objectives.

3. Coupling SPI and your business strategy:
Most organizations do not understand how to link their process improvement initiatives with their organization's business strategy. Therefore, many organizations invest in a SPI initiative that may be in conflict with their business objectives. Let STT work with you to tie your SPI efforts to your business strategy such that both are integrated from a business perspective. Process improvement is fine, but if it is not directed or does not have a positive affect on your bottom line, you may not be maximizing your potential.

4. Action Planning and Implementation:
STT can work with you over the period of your SPI initiative to make your Action Plan the most effective it can be within your business constraints, objectives, and reality. We can optionally engage with you to do some implementation, but recommend that organizations do their own implementation. We can work with your action plan teams to help identify pragmatic solutions.  This has proven to be a good way to ensure that change actions will be sustained. In some cases the organization may not have the option of implementing all the changes, but they want to proceed with changes. STT can assist you in these cases, too.

5. Hands-on consulting:
There are a number of areas where we can offer experience and expertise to our clients. We are willing to work with clients on an as need basis for specific real time problems they are trying to solve. We will either address the need with our own staff or bring in affiliates who can specifically meet your need. We want you to have the best available expertise to help you when you engage our services.

6. Curriculum development:
Many organizations do not have a full time person working to address their education/training needs. STT can bring you a ready made approach to understand what skills are most important to your organization, which skills are presently available to you in your organization, and how you should proceed to close any gap that may exist. We can provide you a system to manage your education/training needs over the long term. This service is built on prior work we completed with other companies and the experience of organizations who have faced a similar challenge.

7. ISO 9001 Readiness:
If your organizations is thinking about ISO 9001 registration or your customers are requiring that your be ISO 9001 registered, let STT help focus your needs and keep your approach as simple as possible. Many organizations overkill when they are first looking at ISO 9001; this is natural. The standard is vague, but helpful within its definition.

We can also work with you in a number of other software engineering and process improvement areas, such as metrics and reuse.

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The Staff

The staff at STT has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully implement software process improvement initiatives. Our experience includes both technical and managerial responsibilities in software projects. We have been developing and using software process improvement (SPI) solutions since 1970. Our staff has been actively involved in the work of the Software Engineering Institute and has had experience developing, implementing, and teaching courses in Software Inspections, Metrics, and other Software Engineering disciplines.

Principals of the STT staff have worked with inspections since they were introduced at IBM in 1972. This work has been both technical and managerial. The work with inspection data has included forecasting test and field defects based on inspection data. We have also worked extensively with inspection metrics to better understand how to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of inspections.

STT principals have been actively engaged with a number of major companies worldwide since 1983 performing a variety of diagnostic services and software process improvement initiatives.

Look at the STT People page for more information about our principals.

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STT staff are available to meet your needs.   We do not sign up with a client who we cannot serve successfully. 

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Other Offerings

Please ensure you look at our other product and services web page
for our assessment services,
training and workshops,
and methods and tools.

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